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Our Team

Gabriel Grant has been in film and television for the past 8 years. He has worked nearly every job on a film set from cameraman to audio engineer to producer. This has put him in a unique position to manage any film set with knowledge of the needs and demands of each department.

Gabriel recently left his job as Director of Production at Connect with Kids to devote his full energy to Rook Productions.

Gabriel believes that video is the greatest tool we have for communication, and brings a personal passion to each video that Rook creates. His organization and communication skills ensure that our clients' videos are delivered on time, in budget, and of the highest quality.

Nick Grant studied Radio-Television-Film at the University of Texas, and has been working in the industry in New York City since 2009. Nick has cultivated his storytelling abilities in diverse visual arts, and always brings creative solutions to the table during the filmmaking process. Nick's skillsets include scripting, editing, graphics, and camera work.

Nick enjoys the distinct challenges afforded by commercial videography, and brings an enthusiasm for the work to each of Rook's projects. His clarity of vision and technical expertise serve to enhance Rook's videos and bring them to the next level of quality.

nick@rookproductions.co | gabriel@rookproductions.co